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The church “stands upon the Word of the Bible.”

Welcome to the Lutheran Church

Rev. Hideto Nagayoshi, President, Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church

The Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church is a church that stands upon the teachings of the reformer Martin Luther, at the same time it must also be said that the church “stands upon the Word of the Bible.” Though this phrase sounds somewhat stiff, in its essence, it means that the church “values the teachings of the Bible.” For me, this is the most important thing in life.

It is often said that life is a voyage. There is no voyage as dangerous and fearful as one without a map and a compass. In light of our circumstances in Japan today, I am probably not the only one who feels that Japan is adrift in the midst of a fog. Like small boats, each of our lives can also seem adrift at times. The Bible is that which fulfills the role of a map and a compass on life’s voyage.

However, the Bible is not something that can be quickly opened to find easy answers about life’s journey, as if it were a reference book with model answers for students preparing for an examination. What is true about the Bible is that it shows us the meaning, the purpose and the way that life should be lived.

Though worship is central to the church, the church is also a place where people can seek and affirm together – through the Bible – a map and a compass for life’s voyage. Before God, all people are equally loved and each person has been given a life that is equal in value.

Together, let us offer our prayers and praise to God. We invite you to visit a Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church near you. We look forward to welcoming you.


Japan Evangelical Lutheran Church

1-1, Ichigaya Sadohara-cho, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo, 162-0842 Japan
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President: Pastor Hideto NAGAYOSHI

Vice-president: Pastor Hiroyuki TAKITA

Executive Director: Pastor Akio LEE